Call for Registration: Bard Network Course “Nations and Nationalism” (3 ECTS)

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Call for Registration: Bard Network Course “Nations and Nationalism” (3 ECTS)
от Anastasiya Radzionava - Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 10:38

Call for Registration: Bard Network Course “Nations and Nationalism” (3 ECTS)

Deadline: January 23, 2018

Description: Nationalism as a concept is always in a process of historically developing and has changed meaning over time. The initial liberal meaning of resistance to absolutism and creation of political equality subsequently gave rise to exclusivist ideology and practice. After the prediction of the fading of the nation-state and the triumph of globalization and multiculturalism, we are witnessing a revival of nationalisms of all kinds all around the world. Rather than evening out social and cultural differences, globalization seems to have strengthened them, sometimes through “ethnification” of differences and dissent.

What does nationalism mean in the contemporary world? Does it mean the same across different regions and different social groups? Is there a historical continuity between contemporary identity politics and national movements and their historical antecedents that arose in the context of multiethnic empires and accompanied their collapse? To what extent and how the cultural heritage is involved into the construction of nationalism and sense of belonging?

The course will discuss the theoretical, historical, sociological and cultural implications of contemporary nationalism in different parts of the world.

Course outline (preliminary):

Topic 1. Theories and Orientations in the Study of Nationalism.

Topic 2. Nationalism in Comparative Context

Topic 3. Nationalism and the Nation-State. Landscape, cultural heritage and commemoration: constructing identity of the place.


• Image analysis;

• Keynote speaker (Ronald Suny or Rogers Brubaker) and discussion;

• Pen pals;

• Essay.

Entry requirements: English skills on the levels B1 CEFR or B2 CEFR.

 Mode of study: online course (moodle); spring semester, 3 ECTS.

Network course is taught by faculty from Bard’s network of partner institutions, including: American University of Central Asia, Bard College Annandale, Bard College Berlin, and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. Petersburg State University (“Smolny College).

 Students who are interested should submit a short letter indicating their interest in the subject and proof of English language proficiency.  Please send information to Nadzeya Charapan <strong>nadezhda.cherepan@ehu.lt</strong> by January 23, 2018.