Two liberal arts student conferences in Europe (April and May 2018)

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Two liberal arts student conferences in Europe (April and May 2018)
от Maksimas Milta - Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 09:42

Dear students of the European Humanities University,

Please kindly pay attention to the two invitations from your peers across Europe for taking part in two remarkable liberal arts-focused conferences in Spring 2018.

The First Liberal Education Student Symposium will take place on April 13-15, 2018 at the University College Freiburg in Germany. The Symposium will focus on liberal education and politics, and seeks 25-40 students from throughout Europe that are interested in this occasion for intimate discussion including philosophy, theory and practice of liberal arts education and its political connotations. More details on the concept and organisation details can be found here, and organisers can be contacted on Facebook or through email. A form to register for the event would follow shortly, as the deadline is February 15th.

The Third European Liberal Education Student Conference will take place on May 10-13, 2018 at University College Utrecht and Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The students from University College Utrecht, University College Roosevelt, and Liberal Arts & Sciences, all bachelor programs of Utrecht University, are hoping to welcome 140 Liberal Education students from all over Europe. Together, these students will reflect on the relation between Liberal Education and the needs of society. What does changing society need from Liberal Education? Are our Liberal Education programmes providing this, and should they?

Over the course of a long weekend, the students will have deep discussions, debates and lectures on these themes. The conference will be hinged on a number of lectures and panel debates from keynote-speakers. All students will write a contribution beforehand that will be discussed in small track sessions. Next to this, students will participate in several activities, case-studies and workshops that help them reflect on their own education programmes. Last, but certainly not least, all participants will get to know the iconic city of Utrecht through accommodation with, and personal tours from, local students. Apart from a short paper, participants would “go Dutch” and pay a nominal fee for food and a place to sleep (not exceeding 25 EUR). Organisers are promptly responding to emails, and also put a movie version of call for papers on Facebook! More details available online.

Please also find supporting materials for both of conferences attached.