Polish-Lithuanian Academy: Search for Commonalities 2012, October 25-28th, Vilnius

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Polish-Lithuanian Academy: Search for Commonalities 2012, October 25-28th, Vilnius
от Tatsiana Babich - Wednesday, 24 October 2012, 14:47

Students' corporation "RePublica" in cooperation with Students' Scientific Society, Jagiellonian Club and Academic Association „Beczka" is organizing a Polish-Lithuanian Academy (PLA) "Search for Commonalities" in Vilnius on the 25-28th of October 2012. In the attached file please find the program of the Academy.

The event includes sessions of lectures held by well-known professors, discussions between students and graduates of Jagiellonian University and Vilnius University, which are open to the general public.

One of the common topics to discuss is the relations of Poland and Lithuania with their common neighbour – Belarus. These countries not only share a common historical past but also both Poland and Lithuania are active supporters of Belarusian civil society. Nowadays a significant number of Belarusians live in Poland and Lithuania; some of them are actively involved in the nongovernmental activities. A number of young Belarusians are studying in European Humanities University in Vilnius, which is sometimes perceived as an institution preparing the new leaders of the opposition. Therefore, we consider it worth talking about and sharing different point of views and prognoses for the future of the neighbourhood. The main question, which we want to address, is the role of young Belarusians in strengthening the civil society in their home country.

Therefore, we gladly invite you to participate in all the lectures and discussions, and of course in the discussion "Belarusians in Poland, in Lithuania and in Belarus: Where Is the Beginning and the End of Politics?"

The discussion will be held on 27th October (17.00-19.00) at Hotel CONTI, Raugyklos str. 7.

The participants of the discussion:

  • Darius Udrys (European Humanities University)
  • Vytis Jurkonis ("Freedom House")
  • Anna Gerasimova ("Belarusian Human Rights House")