Economics & Beyond: NES Summer School at the PennState University (USA)

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Economics & Beyond: NES Summer School at the PennState University (USA)
от Tatsiana Babich - Monday, 22 April 2013, 13:24

Balanced academic program:

  • 44 academic hours of economics, advanced undergraduate level
  • 30 hours of advanced humanitarian courses
  • 3 guest lectures by PSU professors from the Department of Economics

All classes are held in English. Good command of English is a prerequisite.
Program Dates: 11 July – 5 August, 2013.

Students spend the last five days of the program in Washington, DC, where they will have access to famous museums, landmarks, tours of the US capitol, and other fun activities. Students will stay in dorms at the University of Maryland campus.
The Penn State portion of the program will begin with the Central Pennsylvania Art Festival. The program consists of three classes a day, day trips on weekends, and various excursions to cultural and educational attractions on weekday evenings.

Tuition fee is $2750 (USD) and includes meals, transfers, lodging, excursions, and entertainment. Visa and ticket are not included.

Application package should include:
one letter of recommendation from a faculty member
applicant's CV
most recent transcript with all grades
a letter of motivation (no longer than 200 words)

Students, majoring in economics and finance, are invited to apply via email to the school organizers via Oxana Budjko Obudjko@nes.ru