Public discussion: Belarus in Europe: Identity, Society and Politics

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Public discussion: Belarus in Europe: Identity, Society and Politics
by Tatsiana Babich - Monday, 22 April 2013, 2:47 PM

Despite its location at the geographical centre of Europe, Belarus remains far from the cultural and political mainstream of the continent. Its twisted and often tragic history, dramatic changes to the country's social and cultural make-up, its stalled democratic transformation and position between Europe and Russia pose formidable obstacles to the further development of Belarus. To discuss these challenges and possible ways of overcoming them, the European Humanities University and the German Marshall Fund of the United States are pleased to welcome two renowned experts on Belarus:

Stefan Eriksson served as Swedish Ambassador in Minsk from 2005 to 2012. He has since been assigned to the Department for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm.
David Marples is Distinguished University Professor at the Department of History and Classics, University Alberta, Canada. He is the author of ten books on Soviet and post-Soviet affairs, including Belarus, and President of the North American Association for Belarusian Studies.

25 April 15.00
University Campus
Valakupių st. 5, room 213