A Million Smiles for Peace student project exhibition on May 24

A Million Smiles for Peace student project exhibition on May 24

by Anastasiya Radzionava -
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On May 24 we are kindly inviting you to join an opening of the student project exhibition "A Million Smiles for Peace ".

This exhibition is a result of the project  Hezbullah Shafaq - the Erasmus program Student, who spend his spring semester here, at EHU.
Where? EHU Campus 1-floor.
When? May 24,11.45 a.m.

A Million Smiles for Peace is an international campaign that aims to promote peace, solidarity, and acceptance among people from different nationalities and countries. This campaign is aimed to capture and collect one million smiling portraits from different ethnic groups throughout the world to promote peace, unity, solidarity, resolve conflicts and destroy the stereotypes that separate humans beings from one another. The mentioned campaign has been started on January 1st, 2016 in Kabul, Afghanistan and it is currently running in 25 countries of the world. Since the start of the campaign, the organizing team was able to organize exhibitions of the captured photos in several countries across the world. 

Hezbullah Shafaq is an Afghan student at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and currently, he is doing Erasmus exchange semester at the European Humanities Univerity in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is the founder and director of New Hopes of Afghanistan Social Association and A Million Smiles for Peace Global Campaign. Moreover, He is an active alumnus of American Councils for International Education (ACIE) and the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). As a social activist in his country, Shafaq has been engaged in organizing tens of youth supportive projects not merely in Afghanistan but also in India and Kyrgyzstan. His goal for life is to work as a young leader towards enriching the lives of youth and making them capable of dwelling and contributing to the welfare of the community.

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