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Бесплатные курсы литовского языка ЕГУ студентам и преподавателям

by EHU Moodle Admin -

Объявляем набор на курсы литовского языка для (начинающих и продолжающих)  студентов и преподавателей Университета

Занятия будут проходить один раз в неделю по 2 ак.часа.

Формат занятий - контактные online-занятия в пространстве Zoom.

 Продолжительность обучения: 8 месяцев  (ноябрь 2021 г. – январь 2022 г., март – июнь 2022 г.). 

Предполагаемое начало курса – 15 ноября.

Обучение бесплатное!

Чтобы записаться на курс, необходимо  до 11 ноября (включительно) заполнить форму регистрации.

По окончании регистрации информация о часах работы конкретной группы будет предоставлена каждому слушателю лично по электронной почте.

 Если возникнут вопросы, просим обращатся к Инесе Утовкене (inesa.utovkiene@ehu.lt).

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International Conference “The Dilemma of Belarusian Constitutional Identity”

by Nadzeya Khrapavitskaja -

The Law School of Mykolas Romeris University kindly invites you to the International Conference “The Dilemma of Belarusian Constitutional Identity”, which will take place on Monday, 11th October 2021, at 10 AM (GMT+3).

The conference is organized by the Law School of Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) in partnership with the National Human Rights Public Association “Belarusian Helsinki Committee”, and with the participation of the European Humanities University, and the Law and Democracy Center/Justice Hub for Belarus.

In an aspiration to propose the alternative of a democratic Belarus, a new Belarusian Constitution is being drafted. The national constitutional identity of Belarus, which derives from the statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, also the Belarus Peoples’ Republic of 1918 constitutes the essential difference from the concept of the constitutional amendments currently engineered by the authoritarian leadership of the country. In order for this to be achieved, conceptual research on the topic of its constitutional identity is much needed. The aim of the event is, therefore, to provide a forum for a discussion on significant legal, historical and cultural (linguistic) aspects of the Belarusian constitutional identity.

We invite you to participate in the conference online (no prior registration is needed). You will be able to watch the discussion and ask your questions/share your remarks using the live chat.

The conference will consist of three distinct sessions. It will offer speeches and discussions between prominent scholars, lawyers, historians, members of the civic society of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland and beyond. A detailed programme of the event is attached to this email.

Please see the conference program in the attached file.

The languages of the conference are Lithuanian, English and Russian (with according interpretation).

The event may be accessed through the following Facebook page (appropriate links to the event in Lithuanian, English and Russian will be provided on the day of the event): https://www.facebook.com/events/199279398959911

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Blue Europe writing contest for students and recent graduates

by Nadzeya Khrapavitskaja -

Blue Europe is an independent, nonpartisan, and privately funded think tank established in the European Union. It is comprised of numerous organizations that cooperate. It takes no political positions and prefers to present declarations, expert informed opinions, and studies about the continent's and Union's future. We wish to increase public awareness of European concerns throughout the European Union's people as much as possible. To do this, the board has decided to hold a scientific paper writing contest again this year.

This time the contest is open to all EU and EEA students and recently graduated people. We are inviting students to write about their knowledge field – on any scientific topic of their choosing in the following fields : Law, Diplomatic Sciences, Economics , Econometry, Public Policies, Governance, Politics, Information Technology, Business, Technology, Geopolitics, Geography, Infrastructure and History . It is our hope to discover those exceptional students that not only know their craft, but can also effectively communicate it to the scientific community as well as to the general public.

A grand prize of 750 euros will be awarded to the author of the article that receive the best note by the jury.

The full rules are available on our website : https://www.blue-europe.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Contest-Blue-Europe-2021.pdf

If you are interested, you can either fill this form (https://www.blue-europe.eu/contest-2021-candidacy-form/) or send us an email (contest2021@blue-europe.eu). Have a question? We also answer to that email.

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Работа библиотеки ЕГУ в октябре / EHU library open hours during October

by Gertrūda Gaidamavičiūtė -

В октябре 2021 года библиотека ЕГУ будет обслуживать посетителей:

Понедельник - пятница – 10:00–17:00

При посещении библиотеки просим придерживатся всех требований, применяемых в условиях пандемии (соблюдение расстояния, ношение масок, наличие паспорта возможностей и т.п.).


During October 2021 EHU library will be open to visitors:

Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm

Please when visiting the library follow the guidelines appropriate during the pandemic (social distancing, masks, passport of opportunities, etc.)

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VSF: Начало приёма анкет для социальных стипендий

by Nadzeya Khrapavitskaja -

Государственный фонд образования Литвы сообщает о том, что с 15 сентября по 10 октября проходит приём заявлений для получения социальных стипендий в осеннем семестре. Подробности — в приложении.

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