The 11th International Student Photo Contest "Garyacha Kryga" ("Hot Ice")

The 11th International Student Photo Contest "Garyacha Kryga" ("Hot Ice")

by Nadzeya Khrapavitskaja -
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The aim of the Contest is development and realization the creative potential of photo designers who by means of photo art are trying to show the beauty of nature and people, object, flora and fauna worlds, to express their attitude to contemporary social problems, to demonstrate their own vision of the surrounding area, to attract attention to bright moments of being, to show the diversity of human relationships and feelings, to share their experiences and observations, to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, creativity.
The Contest is open to students, masters and postgraduates of higher education institutions of Ukraine, other countries of Europe and the world.

Nominations of the Contest:

"World Around You" (A): landscape, portrait, architecture, street photo, photo of animals, birds, plant life, human relationships, national and cultural customs, reportage photo.
"Fashion Photography" (В): photo works that show designer solutions in clothing, footwear and accessories, reflect the skill of models, fashion and lifestyle trends.
"Photo Graphics" (С): transformation of the photographic image into a graphic artistic image, creative photos with the use of means of  photomontage, computer graphics and modern artistic methods of image processing, as well as the receiving of images with the help of creative programs of shooting, moving sources of lighting, the use of optical elements, long exposure, color balance change of the image, etc.
"Conceptual Photography" (D): directing (staging) photo / series of photos, where there are a certain idea, plan, plot, psychological and dramatic themes, that provides intellectual comprehension of the seen and meets the aesthetic requirements; the use of photo graphics elements is possible.

Each contest participant has the right to:
– take part in several nominations;
– send a maximum of 12 photos, regardless of the number of nominations in which he participates;
– send a maximum of 3 series of photos (in each series there should be from 5 to 10 photos).

Requirements for contest photo works:
1. To participate in the contest viewing photos are taken electronically:
– image format: JPEG;
– image size: not less than 2500 px (pixels) on the lower side;
– photos should not have any copyright dies, copyright signs, promotional messages, added frames and others.

2. All contest photos must be accompanied by the following information:
– an application form (the application form is filled separately for each photo work/series of photos.);
– the author's title of photo/series of photos;
– each photo must be signed as follows:
01 (02, 03...)_A (B, C, D)_title of photo/series of photos_surname_name_city_country,
where 01 (02, 03...) – the number of photos in the order;
A (B, C, D) – respective nominations of the Contest;
– each application form must be signed as follows:
01 (02, 03...)_А (В, С, D)_title of photo/series of photos, where 01 (02, 03...) – the number of the application form in the order;
A (B, C, D) – respective nominations of the Contest.

Contest photo works are evaluated by the following criteria:
– technical excellence;
– compositional perfection;
– conceptuality (content, ideological expressiveness);
– technological skills (using special techniques and effects when shooting and processing).

The jury of the Contest includes authoritative photographers – heads of professional photo associations of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Poland.

Contest materials and the terms of their submission to the Organizing Committee:
Application for participation (registration of participants), acceptance of photos and payment for participation in the Contest – until May 01, 2020.
Application form, photo works and a scan copy of the payment for participation are sent electronically to e-mails:,,

Organizational fees of contest participants:
– the cost of participation in one nomination – 5 euros;
– the cost of participation in 2, 3, 4 nominations – 8 euros.

Payment for participation in the Contest is sent to the card account:
5168 7422 1942 2205 in "PRIVATBANK" (Potanin Stanislav)

Terms of the contest jury's work:
1. Evaluation of contest photo works by jury members – until June 10, 2020.
2. Determination of the contest winners and summing up the jury's work – until June 30, 2020.

In each nomination of the Contest the first three places are awarded, the winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes. Photo works, that have been pre-selected, participate in the photo exhibition and are posted online (web-sites of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine and Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design). The authors of these photo works receive diplomas of participants.

Organizing Committee of the Contest: Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, the Department of Design.

Address: Nemyrovycha-Danchenka street, 2, educational building No 1, room 1-0383, Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine.

Tel.: (+38044) 256 84 79.
Administrators of the Contest:
Iryna Zhylenko – (+38) 067 389 63 73,;
Stanislav Potanin – (+38) 067 509 43 93,

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