DAAD Scholarships for the year 2018

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DAAD Scholarships for the year 2018
от Tatsiana Babich - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 17:23

Dear friends,

The DAAD Information Center Riga is happy to share the information about current scholarship deadlines and events regarding Germany, especially in the academic field.

DAAD Scholarship Deadlines

The deadlines for the DAAD scholarships for the year 2018 have been announced - the cutoff dates are at different points throughout autumn 2017. If you follow the link of your scholarship of choice, you can register on the DAAD website and submit the application. More detailed information is also available on www.funding-guide.de. Individual consultation - in person, by telephone or email - is possible at any point during our opening hours. Please spread this information also among interested students and colleagues!

Scholarship offers for undergraduate and graduate students

Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Architecture. Deadline September 30. 2017

Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of the Performing Arts. Deadline October 31. 2017
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Music. Deadline October 31. 2017

Study Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines. Deadline November 15. 2017
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Fields of Fine Art, Design/Visual Communication and Film. Deadline November 30. 2017
Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry (IAESTE)

University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates. Deadline December 1. 2017

Scholarship offers for PhD students and scientists

Research Grants – Short-Term Grants. Deadline November 15. 2017
Research Grants – One-Year GrantsDeadline November 15. 2017
Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists. Deadline November 15. 2017
Study Visits for Academics - Artists and ArchitectsDeadline November 15. 2017 

Study Visits by Groups of Foreign Students. Deadline November 1. 2017

Re-invitation Programme for Former Scholarship HoldersDeadline November 15. 2017

Other Scholarship Deadlines

RISE worldwide 2018

For the summer of 2018, the DAAD introduces the RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) worldwide programme. The programme gives undergraduate students of natural sciences or engineering the opportunity to take part in an internship funded by the DAAD, at research institutions around the world.
Research groups, laboratories and PhD students interested in hosting a well-trained and motivated intern for 6 weeks to 3 months can register on the RISE website
, and submit their offer to the RISE databank from September 1. to October 15.

New Publication: Volume with articles about "Linguistic Landscapes and Spot German at the Crossroads between Linguistics and German Didactics"

We would hereby like to let you know about a book which might be of relevance to those interested in the German language in the Baltic states. As the result of a workshop that took place at Tallinn University in 2015, the DAAD-funded volume "Linguistic Landscapes und Spot German an der Schnittstelle von Sprachwissenschaft und Deutschdidaktik" has appeared at Iudicium in Munich. Editors are Maris Saagpakk, head of German philology at Tallinn University, and Heiko F. Marten, head of the DAAD Information Centre in Riga. It investigates and discusses where the German language is visible in public space in countries outside the German-speaking core area, with a particular focus on the Baltic states - and what that implies for the societal functions of German. At the same time, the book provides suggestions and practical advice for projects which aim at investigating languages in public space in contexts of language teaching and philology at schools and universities.
In addition, many exciting events are regularly posted on our Facebook page and our calendar on the website, and via our Twitter account
As always, you can find information about our activities, about studying in Germany, about scholarships etc. on www.daad.lv / www.daad.ee / www.daad.lt. General information about the DAAD is available on www.daad.de
You may also visit us during our office hours (Mon + Thu 14-18, Tue + Wed 10-14) as well as by prior arrangement (room 402, fourth floor of the building of Riga Technical University in Kaļķu iela 1).